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Math Mini Unit: Decomposing Numbers (Valentine's Day Theme)

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This mini math unit focuses on decomposing numbers.

The unit contains 3 games and 1 journal entry. (16 pages)
- Roll-A bond: Students roll a die and build the number using manipulatives of your choice onto the number bond. They will then see that the number can decompose and remain the same by moving the manipulatives onto the two adjacent circles.
- Matching: Students will match the number expressions to the correct number to finish off the number pieces. The numbers are from 2-10.
- Mouth Full of Teeth: Students roll the preferred die and count the number. They will then build the teeth onto the mouth. Students practice seeing the different combinations by moving the teeth from the top to the bottom.
- Making 6: Students will color in the combinations of 6 and write the expression or numbers on the space provided.

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