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My Top Organizational Tips For Your Literacy Block

Want to follow along and see how I organize my literacy block? Breaking down my top 10 organizational tips for you today! Getting organized is so important!

You can also watch me go over each of these resource more in depth in this video.

Let's jump into my top organizational tips!


43 Folder system: This is the folder system I use to organize my classroom. If you want to watch a video on it, check that out here. It’s basically 43 folders that can keep you on track. The folders 1-31 represent each day in a month. Then you’ll have 12 more folders to represent each month. Such a great way to lay out the month and also to have ready for a sub if necessary.

Save tabs in a folder to open quickly:

I do this right when I get in my classroom! I open my school tabs and personal tabs that I want ready for the day. This includes slides, videos, or music I will use that day.

Cart of Supplies: I have one from Ikea! Basically holds anything I could need like sentence strips or other supplies.

Whiteboards (expo and erasers are separate): Keeping them separate is just an organizational tool that allows me to limit those behaviors of students who want to draw and get distracted.

Pencil Parking Lot: This handy tool holds each student's pencil so they aren't loosing them going back and forth between groups!

Letter kit: This is a kit I have ready for my groups with letter cards, dice, and counters. This makes clean up during small groups really efficient.

Ipad for tracking checklists: I use the digital planner from my Teaching to the Top Podcast to keep track of what students are missing.

Organizing books with color of group paper: This is how I organize decodeables for each group. Then I just look for the color instead of having to look for names.

Using Printed anchor charts and transferring to an anchor binder:

I print these into posters so students actually learn 'how' to use them! Make sure to watch the video above to see exactly how I do this!

Creating a working slide: This is a pre-made Google slideshow that tells the students what they are doing that day and what they can expect! I also have a music and a graphic added!

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