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Writing Series Part 2: Mistakes You're Making As A Writing Teacher

This one mistake is the difference between a writing block where students are clear on what to do and how to do it and one that is scattered! (This mistake can cost the whole class a lot of time, so this is important.)

What's the mistake?

NO Clear modeling of writing

The writing process plays a key role in teaching your students how to structure and implement their writing. However, your students will not experience success if you do not properly model each part of the writing process. Here are three ways to help you from making this mistake.

Top 3 tips on avoiding this mistake:

Tip #1: Model completing organizers (with shared writing)

If using graphic organizers to plan any form of writing, have time in class where you share your thought process on adding information. Build discussion opportunities and get your students involved in the process.

Tip #2: You don’t have to model the entire paper!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but you DO NOT need to model writing your paper from beginning to end. Have a portion of your writing complete to help maintain your students’ attention during the lesson. Build discussions on what they notice and connections that can be made from the organizer to the writing. Leave some space for students to get involved in the writing through shared writing opportunities.

Tip #3: Share the thinking process

Writing is not just about taking pencil to paper. Students have to develop and engage their executive functioning which can be a challenge. Offer learners the opportunity to discuss their stories at several points during the unit. The more we can talk about our stories and organize our thoughts orally, the better they will be at writing their thoughts down.

Want to learn about the other mistakes you're making and what to do about it?

You can see them here:


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