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A-Z Phonics Bundle

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Teaching letters and sounds is one of my favorite topics to teach in reading. I have compiled a unit of some of my favorite activities to help teach each letter. You can use these activities in both small and whole group! This unit is meant to be hands-on and interactive.

In this unit: Full Alphabet A - Z
- Anchor letter {using environmental print}
- Alphabet vocabulary cards {2 versions}
- Vowels come with a medial card build and blend
- Kinesthetic and handwriting practice sheet
- Font sort
- Initial Sound Sort {mats included}
- Vowels Come with Medial/Initial Sound Sort {mats Included}
- Individual student strips to practice the sound and letter recognition {mats included}
- Song to sing and practice the letter & sound
- Small group book {vowels come with two versions - initial and medial books}

My letter progression is provided in the lesson as well as a description of activities to complete for the week

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