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Escape Plot Park | Plot Review | 3rd- 6th Grade (Two Versions)

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Tired of making your students complete a plot mountain to show their understanding of a story?

This engaging activity will get your students using their understanding of plot to break out of Plot Park. Students will gather clues as they complete each question to find the letters to the clue words.

This activity is only intended for one day and comes with two different versions ( 3/4 fourth grade version and 5/6 grade version) to provide you with the ability to differentiate for your students.

Included in this pack you will find:

  • 3/4 printable booklet
  • 5/6 printable booklet
  • Cards for solving two different puzzles
  • Google Form versions for both 3/4 and 5/6
  • Teacher answer key and instructions
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