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Highlighter Toolkit (All Purpose)

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****** NOTE: This product will have additional areas to use highlighter in and is NOT completely finished. I will add updates throughout the year.

The photo boxes have been popular all of last year. Teachers used them for their writing block, reading block, task cards, math manipulatives, but I believe that an object is at it’s best when it has many purposes. This kit is to be used as an aid in instruction and a tool for students to use across many subjects. Laminate the cover and adhere it to the individual box and choose from the color or non-color version of the cards to print, laminate, and bind with a binder ring. Keep everything inside and have them in an accessible area in your room. Then watch the magic happen!

The Product Includes:

- full page cover

- individual covers (made for 4x6 photo boxes)

- editing writing reference card

- close reading informational text reference card

- close reading literature text reference card

Yay! Also, Includes - Updated August 2018

- reading strategies

- mentor sentences

- narrative helper

- phonics helper

- racer writing

- paragraph writing

- editing your writing

- math word problems

- place value helper : ones, tens hundreds

- place value helper: hundreds, thousands, millions, billions

- place value helper: tenths, hundredths, thousandths

To Be Added:

- text-dependent analysis reference card

- testing problems reference card

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