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Student Pairing Cards

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Are you in need to find a creative and effective way of pairing your students?

I was like that. I had the same students always arguing with who they were going to pair with for any activity. I decided to find a simple, quick and easy way to solve that.

I came up with various sets of cards that would allow me to have my kids focus on a specific skill and pair themselves up. Each student would get a card and by using language they would walk around the room until they found their matching pair. That would be their partner for the rest of the week.

Here is what is included:
- 22 sets of opposite pictures {night, day; wet, dry}
- 12 sets of food pairs
- math number 0-20 represented with ten frames, tally marks, numerals, and words which can be interchanged to focus on different skills
- A - Z upper to lowercase matching
- A - Z picture to letter for beginning sound
- Vowel to picture match {each vowel has 6 different sets}
- color to color word match
- uppercase to lowercase sight words {I included a blank template for you to write in a different word if needed} words included: the, go, see, like, come, this , hereto, and, me, for, will, where, as, he, do, you, look, what, up, down, we, want, of, out, who, are, they , she, good, his, was, their, give little, that, have, from, with

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