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Think-Marks Bundle: Literature and Informational

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Are your learners struggling with completing graphic organizers? Do they not know where to begin?

Think-Marks are skill focused bookmarks that can be placed on a binder ring after being laminated. As learners are working to complete a specific task, they can use the Think-Marks to help guide them through the process.

This bundle is GROWING with FREE UPDATES!

Below is what is currently included:

  • Setting
  • Compare and Contrast Fictional Stories
  • Plot
  • Text Structure: Compare & Contrast
  • Text Structure: Order & Sequence
  • Text Structure: Description
  • Text Structure: Cause & Effect
  • Text Structure: Problem & Solution
  • Compare and Contrast Structures
  • Central (Main) Idea
  • Context Clues (Vocabulary)
  • Citing Evidence (RACE)
  • Sentence Starters Citing Evidence
  • Sentence Starters Explaining Evidence
  • Hooks for Writing Informational
  • Author's Purpose
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