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Thank you for joining the community! Information is heading to your inbox right now!

High fives, clinks, and virtual confetti are in order 🎉

Just know that I am here to support you in your learning.

Committing yourself to making a change in how you run your literacy block is BIG! So let's work together and find a REAL and SIMPLE way to LEARNING for our students. 

While the work in the beginning might seem long and strenuous, know that in the end it will be more than worth it. 

Taking time to plan is hard. Not having a plan is hard. 

Taking time to build systems is hard, but not having a system is hard. You choose your hard.

My goal and hope is to help guide you in the hard work so that later you are able to enjoy the time in and outside of the classroom. Let's do this together!


Bridget Spackman

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