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Library Book Labels by Genre

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Your classroom library is one of the most important and frustrating areas in your room to organize. This is a simple, clean, and stress-free way of organizing.

I use the 40 Book Challenge in my room and my teaching is structured by genre, so naturally, I wanted my library to reflect both. If your room is not organized by genre or you want to keep your room the way it is but need a system for students to return and your name on your book try these out!

Free personal font and 40 Book Challenge Tracker INCLUDED!!!!!

Genres in this packet:

realistic fiction, fantasy, animal fiction, science fiction, young adult, mystery, poetry, informational, biography/autobiography, traditional literature, graphic novel, historical fiction.

I am aware that not all are classified as true genres, but it helps to organize the bigger genres.

You will also have three versions: One with Name, genre, & book level; Two with Name and Genre only; Three with no information... this allows you to customize your own labels.

This product is editable and includes free updates (basket labels to be added)

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