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Becoming a better writer is not just about writing more often. 

Kids need EXPLICIT and SYSTEMATIC instruction that address the complexities of writing. 

Change the way you and your students think about writing by creating a simple, effective learning environment that actually works!

In the Writing Bridge you’ll learn about the strategies and systems that create an effective writing workshop. You will receive access to lessons for 3rd-6th grade in order to offer differentiation to your students. You will have EVERYTHING you need to teach writing and enjoy the process. 

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Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm?

It's time to learn how to teach writing...

If you're looking for a low stress writing plan for your students that will also teach you everything you need to do, including the exact lessons to teach, then

The Writing Bridge program is for you!

If your 3-6 graders struggle with's time to change that!

You're in the right place if this

sounds like you...

  • You are looking for a  system to teach writing that helps you teach your students in a way that eliminates stress.

  • You want help fine tuning your writing workshop skills and having an actual PLAN!

  • You want to see success with your student's writing and a decrease in your stress as a teacher!

  • You want to STOP wondering WHAT you should be doing!


I know it's frustrating because I've been there too. 

When I first started teaching ELA to upper elementary students I was so lost. Our school district gave us very little materials to teach writing and I was always stressed out and felt like my students needed more structure. I needed a solid plan with lessons for each genre and a way to assess my students too!

That is what I have created for you!


The next question:

Where should you start?

If you ask yourself every year What should my lessons be about What mentor texts should I

Then you are invited to join The Writing Bridge 

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The Writing Bridge is a comprehensive all-in-one course that not only gives you individual lessons but also the guidance and support necessary to feel successful and confident as a writing teacher. 

The 3 Roadblocks Hindering Your Writing Instruction



Adult Students

Become the writing teacher you've always wanted to be!

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In this program you will learn...

Everything you need to teach writing to your students. This is a self paced professional development program that teaches you how to become a successful writing teacher. It's built for 3-6 grade teachers and includes a professional development certificate of completion. You will get four modules walking you trough the basics of teaching writing to the actual writing process. Then an additional 8 modules on each genre with lessons, structure, mentor texts, and materials needed for each!

The Writing Rope

The writing rope consists of multiple components that are necessary to develop a skilled writer. This module will break down each strand of the writing rope to help create that understanding of the theory and research before we start to look at the practice! 



Get 10 writing warm-ups that you can easily incorporate into your lesson plans. They are simple with little to no prep on your part. 

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Get 10 writing warm-ups that you can easily incorporate into your lesson plans. They are simple with little to no prep on your part. 

The Lessons:

  • The lessons are in modules 5-12 where you will dive deep into each genre of writing.

  • You will receive individual lessons and authentic mentor text examples for every genre in grades 3rd-6th (note that grade levels are separated to fit the individual needs)..

  • Each genre contains about 17 lessons including pre and post assessments.

  • Organizers, anchor charts, activities and more are provided support the learning process. 


Here is an example lesson!

3-6 Personal Narrative Lessons.png


Choose the payment option that is best for you and gain access to The Writing Bridge today!

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4 payments of



"I just finished the first part of The Writing Bridge and so far, I'm
blown away!"
"I'm loving this PD. So far I'm at the Genre module and the pacing is perfect for summer!"
"This is the just what I was looking for and I can't wait to complete it."

Program Details:
How do I take the class?

This program is available so that you can take it on your own time and at your own pace! Watch or listen from your phone, tablet, or computer. Each module is checked off after you complete it. Get community support right in the app as you complete the course. Become a confident writing teacher in no time!


All modules are available immediately


Watch the modules as you need them and in the order you need


Receive lifetime access with free updates 

Doing Homework


When you enroll today, you'll instant access to everything for just...

One payment of 



My name is Bridget Spackman

When I transitioned from teaching kindergarten to 4th grade, I had no idea where to start. I had a hodgepodge of a literacy block, and I was run down and depressed. When I started making small changes to simplify my literacy block and I took control of truly learning about my standards, I started to find my groove. Not only that, but my students thrived! I've spent years uncovering the simplicity of teaching reading and writing and I cannot wait to share all my secrets with you! Join The Writing Bridge today!

Adult Students
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