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Thank you for downloading this resource! It is heading to your inbox right now!

High fives, clinks, and virtual confetti are in order 🎉

Until then, know that I am here to support you in your learning.

Committing yourself to making a change in how you run your literacy block is BIG! So let's work together and find a REAL and SIMPLE way to LEARNING for our students. 

The moment you chose to download this resource proves that you are committed to making a change in literacy education. 

You will find that this resource  will give you a jumpstart to make a BIG change in how writing instruction is implemented in your own classroom.

Be the change for a better future of reading and writing instruction. Be the change to help our students grow and I hope you find this resource helpful in this journey. 

You are truly an amazing person. 
See you in your inbox very soon!


Bridget Spackman

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