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Teaching Letter Sounds with Motions

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Hey y'all! I uploaded a video talking about various activities that I use to teach the alphabet. Even if you aren't a teacher these are great resources and tips that will help you prepare your child or even give additional support to your child at home.

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In the video, I mention using motions to teach the sounds to the alphabet. This allows for your child to use their whole brain when learning the concept. It incorporates looking at the letter, saying the sound, and making a simple motion to help them remember the sounds.

This was an amazing tool to use in my classroom when I was in kindergarten and even now, with my son Blaine.

I made a "not so professional" video of me giving you the explanations of all the motions and what they mean so that you can use them in your classroom or at home!

I hope you were able to take away some good information from the main video and this shorter video! Thank you for visiting the site and I'll talk to y'all real soon!

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