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Top 7 Book Club Tips For Teachers

The end of the year is the perfect time to get your kids engaged in book clubs! They keep them engaged and it takes the responsibility off you! They can be overwhelming though, so I'm going to share my top 7 tips to make them work for you!

Tip #1: Have a selection of books for your students to choose from based on your inventory!

Set them out and participate in discussion or book tasting! To learn details on how I do this, watch the video below!

Tip #2: Keep a teacher book with notes and highlighted sections off to the side so you have a book that is ready to go! I tape this on all my teacher books! Here is a printable for you!

Tip #3: Have a reading log for your student. This helps students figure out how much to read in a day. Go by chapters or pages. I also keep a copy for myself to keep track

Tip #4: Assign jobs to students in order to maintain a focus. Literature circle jobs are a great way to give the students jobs, but not overwhelm them. To see details on how I do this, watch the video below!

Tip #5: Create check ins with students. Have very specific points to discuss:

plot, character traits, setting, etc. I don't do this every day because I don't want to overwhelm them and I want them to stay engaged!

Tip #6: Assign dates to submit work, organizers, and to do check ins!

I give them 2 days to complete each assignment. We also focus on talking about responsibilities and meeting a deadline. This keeps a focus!

Tip #7: Create weekly reflections

to do a check in for the week, the

roles they had, how they worked together, what the group needs to work on, and suggestions for next time!

If you want ALL the details on how I implement these tips in my classroom, watch this video! I go in depth on all the tips above!

If you liked these tips and would like even more tips, resources, and my literature circle resources! Get on the waitlist for the Bridging Literacy Community! It's opening up soon!

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